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FCCE 2021

Keynote Speakers




Opening Speech
Prof. Liyanage C De Silva Universiti Brunei Darussalam
              Keynote Session Host:
Prof. TANG Loon Ching,
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Yi-Bing Lin
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (YMCU), Taiwan, China
AgriTalk: A Smart Soil Cultivation Using IoT, Big Data and AI
              Prof. Vesna Zeljkovic
Lincoln University, USA
Big Data Deprivation in Selected Medical Imaging

⊷Best Paper Awards & Session Photos


Presenter: Tianhong Chen
Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Title: Tensor-patch-based Discriminative Marginalized Least Squares Regression for Membranous Nephropathy Hyperspectral Data
Session 3: Computer Science and Data Analysis


Presenter: Jessie Balbin
Mapua University, Philippines

Title: Mobile Geo-tagging and Cloud-based Underwater Garbage Identification using Convolutional Neural Network

Session 4: Big Data and Data Engineering


Presenter: Ming-Yen Lin
Feng Chia University, Taiwan, China

Title: Using Spark for Text Mining on Large Scale Liver Cancer Literature
Session 3: Computer Science and Data Analysis


Presenter: Vignesh Srinivasan
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

Title: Data Aggregation of Tweets and Topic Modelling Based on the Twitter Dataset
Session 4: Big Data and Data Engineering




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